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Inventory management problems can impact your business in unmeasurable ways. Alleviating the nightmares of problems with product management and fulfillment are key to any successful business. Utilizing a quality 3PL or third party logistics service can completely transform your business. Important things to look for with a 3PL is efficiency and ease of use.  After an extensive amount of research we seem to have found the perfect solution.


ShipBob became our leading choice as an ecommerce fulfillment solution. Mostly in part to ease of integration and automated order fulfillment with Shopify. Another key feature is complete inventory management for Shopify.

Their fulfillment centers are spread across the country, and they are set up with all the major carriers. They also have the necessary system and tools to keep proper track of inventory and exercise full control over shipments and orders. Previously, I also faced shipping and pickup problems – either the pickups didn’t happen on time, or the shipping cost was too high for the customers. But ShipBob solved all of these things for me.  Their process is extremely easy, and you don’t have to be a tech-expert to master it. You first need to connect your store, then import everything you have put up on your store, and then simply send them your inventory.

After you have set up everything, your inventory will be sent to different fulfillment centers of ShipBob in any combination. Whenever you receive an order from a customer, it will be shipped to them from the fulfillment center nearest to their location. With ShipBob, I realized how easy inventory management and shipping could be if we take the help of an efficient third-party logistics provider. One of the best things about them is that they have a very affordable 2-day shipping policy that makes the customers happy and keeps me one step ahead of my competitors who cannot provide such shipping speeds.


Affordable 2-day shipping
Easy-to-understand pricing
Hands-off fulfillment so you can focus on everything else

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I have seen on the internet that some fulfillment providers have a very complex pricing structure, but with ShipBob, it only took me a few minutes to go through everything and understand it. They also take full accountability for everything and have a very transparent working process, both of which are crucial to building trust. After I left the inventory to them, I can now fully focus on other important aspects of my business because I do not have to deal with shipping hassles.

Moreover, ShipBob’s web-based software is a life-savior. You can keep track of everything from that one platform – it will act as your back office. You can edit orders and manage them, keep track of the stock levels in the different ShipBob fulfillment centers, and all of this will be provided to you without any extra cost. Also, in case you need to reorder inventory, you will receive timely notifications. It would be an understatement to say ShipBob changed my business because it not only gave me peace of mind but also multiplied my business returns.

Author: Carl Thompson

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