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Proov balancing oil

Our female hormones define us in many ways, as they influence our moods, behaviors, and mental and physical well-being. Gone are the days when we had very little control over our cycles and how they affect our daily life. While our hormones still define us in many ways, we now have the power to understand and treat certain hormones so we  can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable, and rewarding life!

Understanding Progesterone

During the first half of your cycle, estrogen is produced by the ovaries. Estrogen regulates your cycle and controls the growth of the uterine lining before ovulation. Like other hormones, estrogen plays roles in parts of the body other than just the reproductive system. Estrogen is responsible for increased energy, bone formation, and heightened awareness.

Progesterone occurs in the second half of your cycle and is responsible for thickening the uterine lining, which makes for an optimal environment for a fertilized egg to grow into an embryo. Progesterone is also responsible for a calm, zen like mood after ovulation. You may feel an increase in creativity, patience and overall peace when progesterone is adequate. 

Progesterone is a major player when it comes to trying to conceive! If progesterone is low, the uterine lining cannot support a fertilized egg, which causes the egg to drop and starts your menstrual cycle over.  If progesterone is high enough for long enough, the fertilized egg can potentially grow into an embryo and turns into a successful pregnancy.

With its key role in menstruation and fertilization, maintaining healthy progesterone levels means maintaining good reproductive health. Women with lower than normal progesterone levels often experience irregular menstruation, amenorrhea or absence of menstruation, reduced sex drive, weight gain, difficulty getting pregnant, an increased risk for miscarriage, and poor ovarian function.

Here are our top 3 options to increase progesterone.

1: Proov Balancing Oil


Simple formula - just 4 ingredients
Pleasant lemony smell
2500mg of progesterone per bottle
1 bottle lasts 2-3 cycles


How We Determined Our Top Pick: Proov

Proov Balancing Oil is a perfectly harmonized blend of natural progesterone, MCT oil, vitamin E, and lemon oil. Doctor recommend, this oil formulation is designed to “imProov” your balance with each restorative drop. 

Like progesterone creams, Proov Balancing Oil is a topical. Each 1oz bottle contains 2500 mg of natural progesterone — which is higher than leading brands — and can last 2-3 months with regular use. This harmonizing oil blend can be applied virtually anywhere such as inside the wrists, arms, stomach, or thighs.

2: Emerita Pro-Gest


Pro-Gest formula trusted by women since 1978
Pleasant lavender smell
450 mg of USP Progesterone per ounce
Progesterone comes from the Mexican Wild Yam


3: Mothers Dose


Paraben Free
1 pump = 20mg dose
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Fragrances

md progesterone

In conclusion there are many options for increasing progesterone naturally. Each reproductive cycle is a unique experience for different women, but all women share the feelings of anxiety, confusion, and helplessness associated with reproductive health issues, whether big or small. Proov Balancing Oil offers a natural way for women to manage these issues and help us take control of our feminine health.

Author: Annie Hamlin

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