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The Best Ovulation Tests for Getting Pregnant Fast


Contrary to what you may have learned in middle school biology class, women can only get pregnant for a few days each cycle. This time, often referred to as “the Fertile Window”, typically lasts about 6 days. 6 days out of an average 28-day cycle!  That’s means a woman is fertile for only about 20% of the time each cycle.


Having intercourse during the fertile window is, of course, critical when it comes to getting pregnant.  After all, it’s impossible to get pregnant if the egg and sperm don’t even have a chance to meet.

But how can a woman find out when she is fertile?  Enter ovulation tests, which are also known as ovulation kits, ovulation predictor tests, ovulation strips or OPKs. Ovulation tests work by measuring a hormone called luteinizing hormone – or LH for short. The LH spike causes the mature follicle to rupture, indicating that ovulation will occur imminently. Most women ovulate within 24-36 hours of a positive ovulation test.


With so many on the market, it can be hard to figure out what’s best for you. Check out our list below to figure out what’s right for you.



Testing Quality: Best
Price: $39.99
Quantity: 15 LH Tests+5 PdG Tests

What we love about Proov Predict + Confirm

  • Tracks 2 hormones – LH and PdG –to both predict AND confirm successful ovulation in one simple kit
  • Provides a more complete picture of ovulation than LH tests alone


Testing Quality: Great
Price: $39.98
Quantity: 20 Tests

What we love about Clearblue

  • Tracks 2 hormones – E1G and LH – to help identify more fertile days
  • Easy to read “smiley” results


Testing Quality: Great
Price: $18
Quantity: 7 LH Tests

What we love about Natalist

  • Natalist is easy to read, with a clear difference between positives and negatives
  • This helps take the guessing out of what is positive, so there is no doubting the best time to try


Testing Quality: Good
Price: $11.99
Quantity: 50 LH Strips

What we love about Femometer

  • Femometer is very cost effective which is great since costs can add up when trying to conceive
  • Easy to read and cost allows for multiple tests throughout the day
Author: Annie Hamlin

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