Top 3 Best Luxury Bath Towels

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Searching for the perfect towel has been an obsession for me. This obsession began after staying at a prominent hotel with stunning amenities in Madrid years ago. After which time the quest for the best luxury bath towels and sheets was started. To clear up any confusion a bath sheet is a slightly larger bath towel. Just simply based off of surface area bath sheets are considered to be more absorbent than bath towels. Also based off their size bath sheets are typically more expensive and considered more luxurious.

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After a considerable amount of testing and a countless number of showers later the search has been narrowed down. Our criteria for finding the perfect towel were based on softness, absorption, and quality of fabric. We were really looking for towels so soft that you could sleep on them.


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Voted Oprah's Favorite Towels
Made with Premium Viscose from Bamboo
Price: starting at $96
Towel Quality: Exceptional



Super soft & Luxurious
Price: starting at $92
Towel Quality: Great


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Ridiculously soft and luxurious
Price: starting at $80.10
Towel Quality: Great


Cozy Earth Bamboo Towels Have Been Voted Oprah's Favorite Towels!

In summary Cozy Earth for me has provided the best overall experience. All three of these choices provide great products.

If you are looking for a quick drying, affordable, quality towel there is an endless number of good options out there, this isn’t the list for good. This is our list for best luxury towels regardless of price. Like many products on our lists typically the best products that we find are more expensive. The key to shopping for these products is buying when these products are being offered at a discount.

Author: Annie Hamlin

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