Top Three Best Dog Box Subscriptions

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Let’s begin by prefacing my frustration with inferior quality dog toys in general. I have had countless experiences where I have spent $20 at the pet store rushed home excited about the surprise of my new purchase only to see it completely destroyed in about five minutes. I’m sure that if you are like me, this is an all too often occurrence.

That is why I set out to get answers. My search began to find the best value, best experience, and most importantly highest quality dog box subscriptions. I scoured the internet, researched all of the options, read all of the reviews, and purchased what I could find.

Here are the expedited results of what I consider to be the very best from the dog box subscription retailers.



Toy Quality: Extra Durable
Price: $27 Promo
✔ Voted TOUGH Subscription Box

bullymake sub


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Toy Quality: Great
Price: $39 Monthly
✔ Voted Best COLLARS

pupbox sub



Toy Quality: Good
Price: $24 - $29 Per Box
✔ Voted Best GIFT Box

chewy box

In summary BULLYMAKE for me has provided the best overall experience. All three of these choices provide high quality products and services. In our testing, the BULLYMAKE box provided exceptionally tough and durable toys. All of the treats that I have received have been great quality, tasty and made in the USA. When the branded orange box shows up each month there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for me and my pooch. BULLYMAKE is a company that makes the experience feel special.

Author: Carl Thompson

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