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The most impactful way that I have found to get pregnant is fertility charting. Here are my 3 basic steps to get started with charting your fertility and help you get pregnant faster. The first step is to chart your period and cervical mucus. The second step is an OPK or Ovulation test. The third step is to chart your basal body temperature.

Step 1: Tracking your period and cervical mucus. This is as easy as it sounds. Day one of your period is day one of your cycle. You can right this down or there are several apps that you can use to track your period. After your period subsides that is when cervical mucus starts to appear. Cervical mucus starts to appear as a result of an increase of estrogen. With the appearance of cervical mucus this is a good indication that your fertile window is opening.

Step 2: The OPK or ovulation test. I would consider this probably the vital step. If you have been at this for a while you have probably spent a lot of time and money on ovulation tests. Finding the right test seems by most to be shrouded in mystery. The most effective OPK that I have found is the Proov Test. Without getting too complicated the Proov test is an at home urine test that tests PdG. This test tracks the presence of progesterone by PdG. There is an abundance of content about Proov on the internet. I encourage you to do your own research. It seems people are raving about them.

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Step 3: Track your basal body temperature: For me this was checking my body temperature first thing in the morning. As you chart your temperature every day you will notice that your body temperature will go up when your progesterone increases. Progesterone increases right after ovulation. So by following these three easy steps of fertility charting you can predict with near certainty your most opportune moment for conception.

Author: Annie Hamlin

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