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Bored with your usual morning cup of joe? Battling nervousness and agitation, digestive discomfort, or headaches from caffeine? Sounds like you need a coffee alternative! A wide variety of herbs have been found to provide the boost you want from caffeine without the adverse side effects. Unlike coffee, which triggers your “fight or flight” stress reaction by releasing cortisol, coffee alternatives utilizing natural herbs give you that extra pep without triggering your stress response.

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 After all, too much stress is associated with conditions such as weight gain, mood swings, premature aging, and high blood pressure.

Adaptogens, on the other hand, are Nature’s antidote to stress. As a class of superherbs that help your body defend against stress, adaptogens work systematically to balance, restore, and protect. These herbs are extremely powerful due to their resilience and ability to thrive in stressful environments. Adaptogenic herbs offer a variety of energizing benefits, making them perfect for coffee alternatives. Additionally, herbs found in many coffee alternatives contain potent antioxidants which may protect your cells against free radical damage that leads to illness.

That being said our top choice for a coffee alternative is Rasa.


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Voted Best Coffee Alternative
Price: starting at $22.40
Quality: Exceptional

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The unique mix of stimulating adaptogens in Rasa makes our sustainable herbalist-formulated beverages more than just a coffee alternative. For instance, Rhodiola and Eleuthero support endurance and stamina, improve your mood and brainpower, and cultivate pure energy from within your body. Codonopsis is a powerful root that helps restore your body’s natural short- and long-term energy reserves. Additionally, adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha and Reishi work to soothe nerves, build up energy stores, relax the mind, and strengthen the adrenal system. Rasa even contains herbs such as He Shou Wu, which improve sexual vibrancy and enhance your stress response system. The addition of cinnamon does more than just act as a delicious flavor harmonizer. Cinnamon stimulates your circulatory system, supports healthy blood sugar balance, and helps relieve sore muscles, among other powerful health-boosting actions.


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Great Chai
Price: starting at $40
Quality: Great

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Variety Packs Available
Price: starting at $19.95
Quality: Great

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Change Your Energy, Change Your Life with our herbalist-formulated, obsessively sustainable adaptogen blends.

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The combined adaptogens and herbs found in Rasa provide a long-lasting, balanced energy boost without all the side effects experienced when drinking coffee. From the gentle detoxifying effect of Dandelion Root to the flavor boost of Chicory Root, a single cup of Rasa provides a unique start to your day. Rasa also comes in a variety of blends to keep your mornings exciting and your tastebuds happy!

Author: Annie Hamlin

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