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With pandemics and world events raging on, sourcing good quality meat has become a real problem. At the same time, finding a trusted online platform to buy meat from is also not easy. The process is even more difficult because I am really conscious about where my meat is coming from and whether it was treated well. I was not sure whether I could get all of this information if I was buying them online. And then, one day, I stumbled upon Fasteak, and life became so much easier.


I am glad I took the leap and left the butcher shop for this online platform. They have different types of cuts to choose from. And the best part is that you don’t really have to stick to one – you can switch them up to the cuts you love the most. You can also select the frequency of your delivery. The large box offers free shipping, which in my opinion, is another reason to love them!

I was still skeptical about how the animals are raised and how they source their meat. But all my doubts were clarified when I came to know that Fasteak animals are not given any added hormones or antibiotics and are not grown in captivity. They are free to roam outdoors on green pastures. In short, they have lived a completely stress-free life. This is probably the reason behind their meat being so tasteful and wholesome. I bet that anyone who tastes their meat once will not want to go back to any grocery store or butcher’s shop meat. I must say, they have totally surpassed all my expectations.

Our Top Choice


No subscription commitment
Family farmed ethically sourced
Highest quality cuts, reasonable prices
Dry aged beef up to 28 days

How We Determined Our Top Pick: Fasteak

Whether I am having a huge family dinner or a cozy night with my kids, I know I have sufficient healthy meat in my fridge because of Fasteak. I have also saved a lot of money since I started my deliveries. In short, they have not only made my life more convenient, but I also know that my freezer is fully stocked with enough protein sources. I personally hate grocery shopping, and with social distancing in place, getting a subscription box delivered at my doorstep is a much better option. These boxes also serve as amazing gifts for any occasion. If you know a meat lover, there’s no better gift than this. Every time they grill a large tomahawk or an aged ribeye, they are going to remember you and this wonderful gift you gave!

So, with Fasteak, I know what I am eating, and I no longer have to return from the farmer’s market disappointed that all the meat was already sold. I feel much less stressed about being out of food. Being a working mom, I do not always have the time to shop for groceries, and this company has been my be-all and end-all option when it comes to delicious and healthy meat.

Our Next Best Choice: Porter Road

porter road logo

Flexible options, no commitment
Pasture raised vetted meat partners
Hand cut at their own facility
Dry aged beef a min of 14 days

How We Determined Our 2nd Pick: Porter Road

Porter Road born out of necessity from Nashville has become a staple in the meat delivery business. Porter Road offers a large selection of cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. They are also very helpful in showing you the best ways to cook them. All the animals are pasture-raised and humanely treated on their vetted farms. They have put an emphasis on the animals living under the least amount of stress as well as no added hormones or antibiotics.

The ordering process can be a little overwhelming because of their large selection. However, they do a great job of educating how to prepare. They offer reasonable shipping costs and times.

Our Third Best Choice: Larder Meat Co

Larder Meat

Humanely raised & handled
Curated for quality
All Californian farms & ranches
Family owned & operated

How We Determined Our 3rd Best Choice: Larder Meat Co

A monthly subscription to the Larder Meat Co. delivers sustainable, California pasture-raised meat from the family farm to your family’s table. Your monthly delivery includes pasture-raised pork, beef, and chicken from ethically minded farms across California, along with West Coast wild-caught seafood. Top sourcing standards ensure animals are humanely treated and free from antibiotics and hormones. Far more flavorful than the factory options found at generic grocery stores, our selections not only taste better, they’re better for you! We’re proud to provide only the best meat & seafood to nourish you and your family.

Our Fourth Best Choice: Crowd Cow

crowd cow logo

5% off all orders
Early access to exclusive product
Member-only discounts
Free shipping on orders $99+

How We Determined Our 4th Best Pick: Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow finds the best-in-class producers and connect you to them because taste and transparency shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Every single product is vetted taste-tested before making it to their site, so only the best reaches your table. From repeat orders to one-time deliveries, your order arrives frozen at peak freshness in eco-friendly packaging.

editors choice 300 copy

In Closing

All in all, with fast shipping options and an affordable price range, the Fasteak meat boxes hold the no. 1 position on our list. I couldn’t find any drawbacks to their service. Ever since I joined the Fasteak family, I stopped worrying about the quality of the meat and could solely focus on enjoying the meals!

Author: Annie Hamlin

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